In addition to simply making learning a new language more fun, using music, movement, and manipulatives helps children form mental connections between words and concepts and also strengthens memory. Here are some ideas for putting the 3Ms into practice.


  • Sing lullabies in the target language
  • Listen to music in the target language in the car
  • Sing traditional songs
  • Invent your own songs

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Stimulate the senses of sight, touch, and even taste and smell allowing your baby to manipulate objects while you say their names in the target language. The possibilities are endless, but here are some ideas:

  • Touch-and-Feel Books: You probably already have some at home. It doesn’t matter if the text is in the target language or not; you only have to say the names of the objects or the textures in the target language.
  • Puzzles: I especially love the chunky puzzles like the ones by Melissa & Doug.
  • Your baby’s favorite toys: Children are more motivated when they are interested. If your little one loves trains, well, start learning train vocabulary.
  • Food: When starting solid foods, let your baby see and touch the whole food while you say its name in the target language: apple, pear, banana. In this way, baby will start to relate the name of the food with its whole form and also with its taste, smell, and texture.

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